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25 Years
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About us

25 years of existence

"Exceeded Customers, Solid Company, Satisfied Employees"

It is our philosophy, in this order of priority. With 25 years of existence we continue to innovate, anticipating the future on a daily basis. We believe that progress is made with change. Exploring new paths is our destination, always focused on exceeding the expectations of current and future clients.

We are committed to excellence in delivering innovative products / services and growing as a benchmark in the markets in which we operate.

Presence. Confidence. Warranty. Attitude.

Experience at your service

Numbers that count

Meet deadlines

Efficient and effective support

We represent referenced brands of industrial equipment and supplies. We mainly work in the textile industry, in the footwear, automotive, decoration and medical sectors.

Continuously improving our processes, making the business profitable, conducting it with integrity, competence, respect for the law and environment, is our motivation. The sustained development of Maquilectra has allowed us to embrace new business areas and consolidate the image, both nationally and internationally. Exceeded clients are the guarantee of the repetition of experiences and closer relations, the solidification of our company, and the creation of conditions for the constant satisfaction of our employees.

We have a strong base of knowledge and relevant differentiating experience, supported by a competitive team and an efficient and effective technical assistance service.


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