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Equipment for laminating, knitting, thermal printing, digital printing, compacting, sizing, sewing and yarn creation
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We are a supplier of solutions for the decorative products industry, for use of textile and non-textile materials.
We commercialize various equipment used in knitting, laminating, thermal printing, finishing, sizing, sewing and yarn manufacturing processes.


  • 3D knit knitting with elastic properties
  • Knitting stitches
  • Thermal printing: sublimation, reactivation, foils and effects
  • Digital printing on paper and direct on fabric
  • Lamination: gluing, coating, foils and effects
  • Finishing: tubular, open and taper compaction
  • Ironing: pre-ironing, ironing
  • Winding
  • Knitting

    Knitwear, Strips & Adornments, Fully-fashion, Intársia

  • Thermal Printing

    Sublimation, Transfer, Reactivation

  • Digital Printing

    Disperses, Reactives, Pigments

  • Lamination

    Hot Melt Flexible, Hot Melt Rigid, Films | web

  • Finishing

    Compress mesh and tapes

  • Ironing

    Ironing, Vaporize, Pre-Ironing

  • Winding

    Winding, Twisting, De-knitting, Assembly