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Technological solutions for processing textile materials and products that include rigid, non-woven applications and special materials.
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We provide a comprehensive range of equipment and products for the various phases of the textile industry’s production process.

Solutions that add value in the processing of textile materials and products that include rigid applications, film, web, foils, non-woven and special materials, using various technologies.

  • Knitting

    Knitwear, Strips & Adornments, Fully-fashion, Intársia

  • Thermal Printing

    Sublimation, Transfer, Reactivation

  • Digital Printing

    Disperses, Reactives, Pigments

  • Lamination

    Hot Melt Flexible, Hot Melt Rigid, Films|web

  • Finishing

    Compress mesh and tapes

  • Ironing

    Ironing, Vaporize, Pre-Ironing

  • Winding

    Winding, Twisting, De-knitting, Assembly

  • Knitwear sewing

    Lining, Join

  • Transfer

    Flex, ChromaLuxe, DTG, Sublimation, Laser, Screen Printing

  • Teasel

    Finished knitwear, sweat, print roll